At Raw Elements, you’ll find that the classes are every bit as personal as the welcome. Each class is unique, the mood is set within the first minutes of the class where Peita taps into the energy of the people to produce an experience that is specific for the individual needs. Not one class is the same.

Peita and her team take the time to find out how their clients are that day and lead them into a practice that is nourishing, empowering and experimental.

Peita believes that by allowing the client to move and experiment with breath and movement they find the perfect pose.



The glow you get after an exhilarating workout, a holistic lifestyle session or a invigorating yoga session is just a few taps away. Kids yoga, vinyasa, gentle flow yoga and more.

Find the experiences that you love, and book them instantly.



Nutrition plays an essential role in keeping us healthy, fit and emotionally stable. Raw Elements Holistic approach to health ensures that we place an equal amount of emphasis on nutrition, fitness and emotional wellbeing.


Yoga is an effective practice on its own or can be part of other physical training such as aerobics, weight training, running, swimming or other sports. Peita also offers one on one yoga sessions, corporate and school groups.


Raw Elements offers personal training and group cardio training both indoors and outdoors. All sessions are unique offering something different every time.


The Raw Elements body cleanse provides a thorough and efficient way to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness. You can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of wellbeing from each session


I loved watching my journey unfold in chakradance and I wanted to share and invite others to experience this enlightening and transformational experience as well.


Yoga therapy private sessions are specialty classes that cater for individual needs and are tailored specifically for the individual.



For as long as she could remember, Peita has been drawn to energy and their origins. As a child Peita found herself, most at ease being in the presence of nature and crystals.

Loving to explore the mysteries of the worlds, and living a free spirited life, was passed down from her grandmother, to her mother and then onto her, now she passes this energy down to her children.

Peita recalls the day she found Yoga. It was as if, she had found her way home. Peita recalls the first feelings when her breath and movement were in unison.

The past 20 years has taken Peita on a journey of self-discovery through, dance, sound, movements, body work and transference, to be able to teach the art of being, through Yoga practice.

The universe has presents you with an opportunity to join Peita in that flow, as she sets the intention and purpose. Her role is to guide you on a journey to remembering who you are and what’s within us.

Peita has the ability to draw out what’s always been within you, through Yoga practices, Dance, Creative Art, Body work and Retreats.

Peita creates a safe space for your pure energy and light to shine as you hold this within, to strengthen and nourish compassion.

Through these practices, your memory is triggered as to who we are, opening our heart to love and devotion, cultivating a sense of finding our true essence.
We develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and this allows us to open and connect to others and the universe. Peita believes that it’s all about raising the vibration within you.

Whatever your modality, it doesn’t matter which leads you to there, it matters that you got here.

Peita loves to be in the presence of her students, sharing her gifts and delight in receiving the knowledge from each person she interacts with.

When you walk into ‘The Studio’ or join us on a ‘Nourishing Retreat’ you will be received with open arms.

Peita believes in being authentically you, which includes all of our little imperfections too. Through our Imperfections Peita believes that these are some of our greatest attributes.

Peita is a mother of 4 vibrant and vivacious, free-spirited children. Peita admits as a Mum,

"My greatest teachings come from these gorgeous; human beings that challenge me to continue to evolve and adapt. For me it’s about turning up and feeling into the moment. We welcome tears, giggles, stories and conversation. The key for me is creating a innate connection to all beings.
Come and share with me"

Peita holds qualifications in the following modalities

  • Hatha yoga
  • Vinyasa flow yoga
  • Kids yoga
  • Kids yoga therapy
  • Yin yoga
  • Yin /yang yoga
  • Reiki level 1 & 2
  • Holistic lifestyle coaching level 1 & 2
  • Theta healing
  • Personal training
  • Group training
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Transference Healing

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"My introduction to Chakra dance with Peit was certainly a defining moment! Even with experience in attending yoga classes for years it exceeded my expectations and has been one of the few styles of energy movement that allowed me to go deep into the present moment and relax while allowing physical, emotional and spiritual expression at the same time... Peit's guidance through chakra dance is special and unique and enabled the entire experience to be what it was - amazing!"
"My job involves working with disabled adults and is very rewarding but yet challenging. I find by the end of the week I can be too in my head . A Yoga session with Peit fixes all of that: it keeps me grounded and therefore creative and ready to face another week."
"I have been doing Yoga with Peita just on three years now. Peita is a very open, caring and passionate Yoga teacher. Her intuition and holistic awareness of the mind/body relationship, allows you to delve deeper into your own practice, at your own pace, so every session for me has become a beautiful interconnected weave, which supports me in every way of my practice, as I evolve and deepen. I am very inspired by her dedication and passion, she always gives 100% to all classes I attend. She is a wonderful role model for the Yoga practice and an inspiring model, in how to build the practice, as a way of life. I see how her gifts support myself and others in becoming the best version of ourselves and that to me, is a life giving gift, she is creating through her beautiful, ambient, holistic Yoga space."
"I always wanted to learn and love yoga and went to several classes, but began to think it wasn’t for me. Then I attended a RAW Elements Healthy Lifestyle class run by Peita Carter, and it was totally life changing, amazing. The classes are therapeutic on so many levels, physically and emotionally. The atmosphere, created by the music and Peita’s beautiful melodic voice, is warm, comfortable, welcoming and safe. I swiftly signed up my children to the children’s yoga, and the benefits have been incredible. Together, we share at home the many techniques and what we have learnt from attending our classes. It has given us a shared interest and experience, which in turn has improved our ability to share ideas, thoughts and feelings. I can settle myself, and my seven year old twins now in a way I never have. I can’t imagine what life would be without Peita and her incredible skills and talents."
“Gillian Conway”
"Peits yoga classes always set me up for a great week.She is a fantastic teacher who not only inspires through yoga, but also through her love of essential oils and nutrition.Peit is highly skilled with a wonderful sense of humour as well.I always look forward to yoga."
“Meg Bennett”
"Peita is an awe-inspiring yoga teacher, health coach and mentor, her caring positive attitude really shines I always leave yoga class feeling uplifted, calmer and more confident with every session. With Peita's encouragement I' ve achieved more than I thought possible and here I am today doing back bends and poses I once thought were out of my reach! Thanks to Peita I've reduced my high blood pressure and glucose (withoutmedication) improved my core strength,toned up and have less aches and pains in my body. Yoga has also improved my mental health, I've gained more clarity in my life and thoughts that I've found very healing.Yoga with Peita doesn't even feel like hard work as she generously shares beautiful oils, relaxing music and meditations to soothe the soul. Peit a teaches yoga to awide diverse range of people helping each person find their inner power. In the good weather we do yoga in the Botanical gardens a beautiful way to connect with nature and enjoy the sunshine! I've also experienced some wonderful detox foot spas that have also helped me regain my health. I really appreciate that Peita is so generous and supportive of my business and we have collaborated and helped each other on a few projects. I would highly recommend everyone try a yoga class with Peita and experience the magic of yoga in a safe welcoming environment."
"Peit a has taken me on an inspiring journey through energised yoga, detox sessions and anamazing holistic program. Her passion, experience and pursuit for a grounded and balanced life inspires me to look to Raw Elements for guidance toward a more mindful, healthier and positiveme. I have learnt so much along the way and look forward to what new practices Peit a will inspire us with next. Love it"
"I have found my experience as a yoga student at Raw Elements to be both rewarding and integral. Peita’s skills as both a teacher in the many different yoga styles as well as other holistic modalities are truly exceptional. Her knowledge, energy and enthusiasm in her classes exemplifies her integrity and her love of what she does. Her will ingness to imparther knowledge is both humble and educational. Knowing Peita has been invaluable to me in my own personal growth and yoga journey."
“Katrina Williams”
"I’ve been a client with Peita on and off for many years now and during that time I’ve used both her yoga and holistic life style services. I find both Peita & Lindy to be very professional and personable at all times. Peita really takes her time to find out all she needs to know from you to get you the best results. I have had great success with regular detoxes to help me reduce cholesterol levels, sleep better and conceive our 2nd baby naturally. Peita’s yoga classes have always all owed me to take time out for me, reduce my anxiety, sleep better and keep me active throughout my pregnancy whilst all so staying safe. Peita is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share this with her clients and always makes sure each yoga sessionis different but caters to the individuals needs in every class. I love sessions with Peita and highly recommend her services to everyone."
“Kirsty Williams”
"Peita is kind, patient, inspiring, intuitive and the most amazing yoga teacher and personal trainer. She will encourage and nurture your whole self. I cannot recommend Peita & Raw Elements highly enough."
“Kerry Bellenger”


Say about us. At Raw Elements growth, support and connection, are so important to us, we’s love you to come practice with us.



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In the event that you can no longer attend your pre-booked class, cancellations must be made via the mobile phone booking app or online from your desktop (same login details). Class cancellations cannot be accepted via phone or email. The deadline for cancelling a pre-booked class is 2 hours prior to the class start time to avoid incurring a no-show penalty.


Cancellation Penalty ( deduction of 1 class visit for pass holders OR $15 fee for Direct Debit Memberships ) applies if:
*you fail to attend your booking for any reason (no show)
*you cancel less than 2 hours prior to the class start time (the booking system will be locked and you will not be able to cancel or remove your booking within 2 hours of class start time)
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30 Day Intro Pass is a limited special offer, we do not grant refunds, transfer or extensions for change of mind or circumstance for this special introductory pass.

Direct Debit Members can request to place their membership on hold for severe injuries. In most other cases we will be able to work with you in class by providing modifications.


Some health funds provide rebates for yoga classes. Some health care providers require a signed receipt with a provider number, while others only need a receipt. Check with your health care provider about what they can offer you.


My health care fund isn’t listed. Does that mean they don’t cover yoga classes?

No. Check with your health care provider as each one has their own policy and requirements.

Who can issue my health fund receipt?

If your health fund requires a signed receipt, Peita Carter - Raw Elements Heathy Lifestyle - must sign it. Please contact the studio for a receipt.
We have provider numbers for the following health funds.
To claim, you will need a signed receipt from us with our provider number listed.